Summer Lawn Care Tips

1- Turn on products weed

Effective weed control is more than spraying a product. There is a lot of important work before abandoning the rapid treatment of bottle treatment. One of the biggest mistake of homeowners is that they start mowing which the grass is so short to mow. When the grass is not cut, it is more common, making it more susceptible to weeds. The general rule for most of the work is to fix lawn mower in the 2 ½ “to 3” cutting height. Probably the best and easiest change you can make to your garden weed, is simply to increase the cutting height.

2. Complete eradication is simply impossible

There are literally thousands of types of plants that continue to compete for space and resources in the area, most of which are more competitive than the herbs Lawn Care Lexington SC use in your lawns. Complete eradication is simply impossible. The soil under the lawn contains millions and millions of seeds waiting for a chance to germinate. Your task is to prevent.

3. Know your enemy

“Weeds” is just a general term for anything that grows on a lawn, not the grass you want, ie, invasive weeds, broad leaf plants, trees and other unwanted visitors. Some of them have an annual cycle of life, while others are limitless. Some have life cycles that begin in the spring while others throw in the fall. According to the lexington lawn care the differences in landscaping is important because there are times in life when weed control products are effective against a particular herb, while other times completely useless. Effective weed control begins with proper identification followed by a thorough understanding of plant ecology and the best strategy for effective control.

4. Herbs are storytellers

Weeds thrive where they have an advantage over herbs. Many herbs thrive under different conditions and can be very useful in diagnosing the underlying problem in the lawn. For example, often called grow broad leaves of banana plant grass highly compressed, which no seasoning. If the broad-leafed banana identifies your lawn, it’s a good bet that your soil needs to be aerated. Once compaction is relieved, the grass track compete with the vast blue banana.

5. Be farmer on your lawn

Too often, owners and lawn care products at home. If you paint your house a certain color, it still is. But a green lawn is not your color or your health intact. Live and dynamic and pasture grass. They need care and attention.

If you pay attention to your lawn, consider yourself as a farmer who takes care of your crops. Farmers spend a lot of time to grow, but also to develop their land. Obviously you can not plow your lawn every year, but it can make a difference in the health of your soil aeration. Air core is the removal of the lower plug lawn, where the air and water can penetrate more easily and reduce the bulk density of the soil. All you do to encourage healthy grass is going to happen to prevent weeds. You can also professionals like lawn maintenance lexington sc, managing your major and professional needs.

6. Impact on what grows

Eliminate part of success considering what’s underneath. Are weeds growing weeds under control, or any grass grow? Planting grass seeds on the lawn is an important part of weed because it does not make your lawn, of course, more than enough to grow your lawn with what happens in nature. You may have not chosen it.

7. Professional Consultations

Weed Science is surprisingly attractive. Strategies and products for weed control will change over time, so what is the best strategy for controlling a particular herb a few years ago may not be the best way to do it now . Lawn Maintenance Columbia SC are trained to analyze the grounds of their clients, learn what’s healthy and what is not, and is recommended to provide effective solutions for green grass. A healthy lawn is not only an attractive piece; But it offers huge environmental benefits. If you want to take the guesswork out of a weed, Louisville Landscape can help you as a trained professional.


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