4 Tips for Late Summer Lawn Care

To everyone’s consternation here in Pleasant, summer is slowly closing. I know how amazing! The nights are slowly slower and the shops begin to launch their dunes while all the summer items are carried to liquidation. Sadly, it’s a sad time, but the summer is not over! There is still plenty of sun to fly before the fall season falls on the earth next to a few minutes in the Lawn Care Columbia SC. We offer five tips to care for your lawn in late summer, so keep reading to learn more!

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1- Sharpen the blade of your mower

Cutting a Lawn Service Columbia SC with a boring knife vibrates in the grass, leaving rough edges that provide enough opportunity for infectious disease organisms. To avoid this, cut your mower blade regularly. A freshly cut knife can hold you for a number of future mowing, not to mention, there is always the possibility of choosing a second blade so you always have a handy hand.

2- Look at your dog

While dogs are just like any other relative, they do not clean themselves, right? Therefore, if you notice that your dog has some bathroom fronts on the lawn, rinse the area with water to prevent any damage to the lawn. Urine can lead to dead spots on your grass, so put your dog in a convenient area next to your garden for them to do their business. Also do your best to stay on top of the useless layout that Fido has left behind.

3- Mow Grass at the right height

In the summer months, it is important to adjust the Lexington Lawn Mowing to keep the grass slightly higher. Keeping the leaves higher helps to shade the soil, which in turn reduces the evaporation of water, allows the roots of the grass to grow more deeply, and prevents the seeds from weeds from germinating. While the correct cutting height varies with the type of grass, try to cut it when you are not removing more than one-third of the height of the grass at a time.

4- Leave the cutouts behind

While it may seem unpleasant to some, leaving your lawn clippings behind has several different benefits. It not only saves you time cleaning, but the cuts also save money on fertilizers. Fresh clippings, Lawn Maintenance Lexington SC, produce seed heads that are viable for germination, making them a valuable addition to lawn maintenance.

Summer is not over yet! Use these tips when dealing with your lawn, and you will be setting your backyard for a healthy fall. Do you need more help? Get in touch with professionals at Done Right Landscaping! Call us at 781-858-8000, or fill out our online contact form!


Late Summer to Mid-Fall Garden Growing Tips

Blood boundaries may begin to fade, but late summer is a time of “gentle fertility” in the garden. Most summer crops can be harvested in, with tomatoes, peppers, sweetcorn and pumpkin reaching their peak. Use warm days for cleaning and organizing tasks too.

Harvesting apples and pears

The first apples and pears in the garden should be ready to choose from August. When you see one or more apples on the ground, this is a sure sign that the fruit is ready to harvest. If you turn an apple in your hand and turn it gently, loosen an effortless ripe fruit from the tree, stalk intact. If you do not get rid of it, leave it behind the tree for a few days before testing again. Pears should be harvested while slightly below the back and ripe. You can also use the professional services of your locals such as Lawn Care Columbia SC.

Feed the tomatoes

Feed the tomato plants weekly with a high content of potash. Water plants every night, if possible. If you have green tomatoes by the end of the season, bring them in to mature on a sunny window or in the fruit bowl. Remove the yellow leaves and delimit any foliage that is trimmed to the fruits of the fruits. In addition to alleviating more light to reach and ripen fruits, this will improve the circulation of air around the plants and reduce the possibility of botrytis, including the gray fungus. Sometimes its become so hard to fulfill the all requirements so selecting a lawn service columbia sc will save your time and money too.


Fix tree band traps

Female winter moths are unable to fly, so the trunks of apple and pear trees will rise to lay their eggs in winter. To catch them, glue the sticks of the tree belt around the suitcases. Also use tires to prevent moths from reaching the trees through tree lanes.

Raise the onion

When the leaf collapses, the onions are ready to harvest. On a dry day, carefully remove the onions from the soil and allow them to dry. To keep them well and not rotten, they must be completely dry. If the weather gets wet, cover it with a plastic sheet or move it inside. You can consult with the Lexington Lawn Mowing any time because these guy has been working now many projects and making your lawn and gardens more beautiful.

Net ponds

The leaves will begin to fall as autumn approaches, so be sure to cover your pond with a special mesh to prevent dead leaves from entering and affecting water quality. The nets also protect their fish from herons and other predators.

Rake leaves

Fallen leaves accumulate in the fall on your lawn and can kill the grass when left in a thick layer, as well as encourage snails and snails when more and more plants are left. Rake leaves up regularly, and use them to make brochures or hire some individuals on daily biases contracts like lawn maintenance lexington sc to remove the plants in a keen and proper way.

Pruning Lavender

As soon as the lavender plants bloom and begin to fade, cross the plants with scissors and cut them again. This stimulates lateral roots to grow and gives plants a tighter, more compact appearance. Rotten roses should also be cut after flowering.


Months of sun exposure, foot traffic and pest activity can take a toll on your lawn, and that’s why late summer Lawn Care Columbia SC is so important. A little attention will go a long way towards keeping your grass looking green and healthy for the rest of the season, and it will also give you a leg up come next spring.

Assess Your Grass

You should begin by doing an assessment of your lawn, looking for evidence of trouble in specific areas. Are there patches of grass that seem thin or pale compared to the rest of your lawn? When you compare areas that get a lot of shade to those that get a lot of sunshine, do you notice a difference? If so, these trouble spots are where you should begin.

Your first step should be to try to diagnose the nature of the problem. In many cases, yellow patches of grass result from insufficient moisture or nutrition. These areas of your lawn may not be receiving enough water, or moisture might be evaporating before it can be absorbed. A lack of nutrients or pH imbalances in the soil can also cause dry, yellowed patches.

Applying Lawn Service Columbia SC fertilizer to these areas can help, as can watering them when the sun is low in the sky and temperatures are cooler (usually mornings are best). Failing that, you may need to plant new grass seed or lay new sod. Choosing a type of grass that takes root quickly is essential for the late summer climate.

If these steps fail to solve the problem, you can always count on the pros at Mirage Landscaping to accurately diagnose and correct the underlying issues that are affecting your lawn.


More Tips for Healthy Lawns

Some other common lawn issues that arise in late summer include:

  • Pest activity. Seasonal pests can often be kept in check with routine lawn maintenance for the first couple months of the growing season, but by late summer, they often start to win if they’re present in large numbers. If you suspect you might have a pest problem and you want to tackle it on your own, take photos of the affected areas and talk to a professional at a local Lexington lawn mowing. He or she will likely be able to offer some insights into the types of pests that are most active in the Calgary area and suggest a solution.
  • The cumulative effect of cutting your grass too short. When you’re mowing your lawn, it’s always a good idea to err on the side of caution when it comes to length. Many people want to cut their grass as short as possible, thinking this will enable them to mow it less frequently. However, cutting it too short can shred the blades, leaving the roots exposed to too much sunlight, which will turn it dull and brown.
  • Accumulations of thatch. Does your lawn have a thin layer of thatch or “hay”? If so, give it a thorough raking. This will allow air and sunshine to penetrate the blades and roots again, revitalizing your lawn in time for the end of summer.

If you’ve noticed a few weeds here and there, make sure you remove them right down to their roots. Don’t just run your lawn mower over them; use your hands or a hoe to ensure the entire weed is uprooted.

Get a Jump on Fall

Late summer is the best time to plan ahead for your autumn lawn care needs. Professionals recommend that you perform the following Lawn Maintenance Lexington SC tasks in the fall:

  • Spot planting of new seed in thin areas
  • Aeration and fertilization
  • Weed control
  • Raking leaves

You should also plan to keep watering and mowing your lawn and trees as late into the fall season as possible, as this will help keep your grass strong during the long winter.

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Lawn Care Tips For Late Summer

It does not seem feasible to develop a lawn management schedule, since nature and water are what they are, one can never be sure that a pre-established program can be maintained. “Along the fence tips’ will always be with us several degrees of misinformation, but understanding how and why we do certain things on the lawn, will ensure a greater likelihood of success.

Some facts about the land must be understood. Any resemblance between the good land and the property that is usually left by the contractor is strictly accidental and involuntary. Only a few contractors to avoid good vegetable soil to distribute on the lawn after the house is finished like Lawn Care Columbia SC. Therefore, it is required that most gardeners to grow a lawn on the ground, as they have money or good land (or both) are generally not available.

Poor soils can be improved

Poor soils can be improved by periodic cultivation, aeration or peeling. Heavy lime and fertilization. Almost all types of soil, including sand, are compact and are placed on top. Compression and crusting are natural results of water and traffic. Crunchy. The hard terrain prevents incoming water and grass from suffering because of the water coming out. The fertilizer applied to these lands can not enter and can be washed in heavy rain. Gesaai seeds can germinate, but soft roots can not penetrate the bark so perennial seedlings.

Weed comes in and is often accused of expressing grass. It happens just as weeds best fits poor soil conditions. Change your conditions to adapt to the grass, and will shake the weeds. You can use the professional suggestions of Lawn Service Columbia SC.


Modification of the terrain conditions

First, the physical conditions of the soil must be improved. Every gardener knows the value of a soft clay soil, so deep Bechtel. The healthy growth of the roots leads to a greater tolerance to the drought to the plant. In a lawn, these desirable condition can be achieved gradually by periodic cultivation and aeration. The deeper, stronger roots that grow as a result of growth and eventually die. Add organic matter to the soil and help create smoothness.

The plugs or soil samples taken to the surface, helping to maintain the lawn. Alternating wetting and drying of set holes is one of the best ways to improve the natural conditions of the soil by experienced individuals like Lexington Lawn Mowing. Better air circulation in the soil stimulates invisible helpers – bacteria and other microorganisms – that improve the soil in many ways by growth and death. The increase of oxygen in the soil also stimulates the growth of roots and helps the roots to absorb more nutrients.

Add a little lime

Funds have a tendency to become acidic in humid areas. Use the correct acidity, to making the nutrients more available and produces a smooth soil conditions by lawn care. Lime also granules soil, so they breathe, and it improves them for most plants, except acid such as plants, which do not include grass. Home gardeners can choose between two types of lime. The safest house to use All round limestone, also known as lime stone and limestone. This form of lime is usually cheaper. It burns the skin and can be used safely with all fertilizers and seeds. Hydrated lime, although they act faster. It is difficult to use. It will burn sensitive skin and should not be used with the fertilizer because the nitrogen is released as burn gas ammonia foliage.

Second, spread the material on the surface and mix well by transmitting it, so that the grass remains intact without destroying the grass. This practice is now used in many fields, but retains excellent playing conditions. Obviously, the second most prudent option because the lawn can be used continuously and is much more economical. The most economical way is to simply cook, lime and fertilizer and let the roots of the grass, the soil conditioner.

The next step for a good lawn is to improve the nutritional value. Most lawns are poor because they starve to death. Lawn Maintenance Lexington SC said that well-fed grass produces deeper, heavier roots, which are the best natural soil conditioners. Therefore it acts indirectly as soil conditioning fertilizer to grow more organic material. And, of course, it provides the necessary elements for healthy plant growth.

How much fertilizer

What fertilizer should you use this fall? This question is frequently asked the country. There is an understandable confusion because there are so many types available, ranging from the usual daily agricultural fertilizer to the highly publicized. Special fertilizers “Turf”. Soil types vary, as well as the requirements of various grass graves, so there is no manure “universal” fertilizer can be. For the lawn owner the most important features of a lawn fertilizer should be long lasting effect, burning safety, free movement and non-dusty texture. The high nitrogen content can be called a fifth point, since nitrogen is of utmost importance in the production of dense grass. Other nutrients (phosphorus and potassium in particular) can be provided by a single annual application of a complete fertilizer.


Straight nitrogen

A grass that has been fed 5-10-5 year after year, prone to suffer from starvation of acute nitrogen, and an overdose of phosphorus, the figure of the medium. The remedy for this is to use a long simple nitrogen fertilizer for at least a few years. Organic nitrogen fertilizers are becoming increasingly popular as they meet most of the requirements of a good lawn fertilizer. There are several types on the market, some from wastewater and some derived from plant and animal products. The nitrogen content ranges from about 5 to 10 percent. Monthly applications of organic nitrogen fertilizers to provide nitrogen to 1,000 square meters per pound during the growing season are standard operations in some areas, especially when the herb contains one or more improved herbs.

Seed Fall and Reflux

Competition is a word that applies to lawns and the business world. In a lawn cut grass compete individual plants for nutrients available. Trees compete with grass (often unfair) in sunlight, water and food. In a new sowing of young grass plants compete with each other – survival of the fittest. When the number of spermatozoa is very high, the plants that survive may be so weak that they can not compete with weeds. When planting fresh seeds on an established lawn. New seedlings have to compete with grass that is already there. In many cases, a fine turf can be thickened and improved by feeding, easier and cheaper than by re-sowing.

Authentication, which is so beneficial for fertilization and irrigation is so good for planting. A seed that will remain in the suspended soil cavities in the best possible position to germinate. You can send your roots down into the moist soil and produce a sturdy plant that will add to the desired grass. It is clearly shown that sufficient nutrients a good seed bed ‘and proper moisture is needed, less seed will be needed to produce the desired results.

Water, water company if any of them can save for use on the grass, which will be used long term with large quantities. Light. Frequent spraying is a sure path to disaster. Good grass can be washed for several days without injury. When the soil is dry, loosen more food of plant origin with the next watering and shrinking and cracking and let air in the roots. Occasionally dry is good for soil and grass. If the water runs into the gutter, it is probably time to fly again.

My final advice is to suggest that any county agent agent call and request the latest circular newsletter or on the lawn that are expelled by the state college or university. This publication contains complete local information that could not be developed in an article like this. Requests for information on lawns give real support to this phase of the university program and will ensure better grasses and better lawns in the future.

Late Summer Lawn Care Tips

July and August are months when gardens should enjoy the fruits of their labor. Unfortunately carry high summer temperatures and drought conditions once an early end to the beauty of the garden. To renew the summer garden summer with this gardening advice.

Time to plant?

Most gardens have done planting their duties after the summer solstice. However, there are some benefits, according to the lawn care columbia sc to the plants in late summer

Larger businesses from 1 July to the garden walkway. And if the big box skips and goes to a nursery focused, flowers are probably in good condition. If the annual seem a little sparse, they cut off and get a good drink. Root Bound perennial May be slower in the garden, but should be restored when the rain comes. The only plants to avoid any unnecessary spring plants, such as thoughts and violets, have not recovered its former glory. Purchase fresh material at plant fall for a short time.

Lawn Care Lexington

In the fall only around the corner, consider starting the cold autumn season bones mid-late in late July. Nasturtiums, snapdragons and flowering kale keep the beautiful gardens in October. Start the seeds outdoors in an unfamiliar area, and be careful to keep the plants moist. If your place is just south of Hades, sow their bones inside, and leave after the transplants a moderate temperature.

Keep the grass away

Weed is a delightful spring job, when moist soil and small grass allows gardeners to make quick work of undesirable plants. When temperatures rise and the roots of the perennial weeds are heavily fried in summer, the gardener can be betrayed in the woods. Lawn Service Columbia SC takes good care because these guys have many years of experience.

He repeatedly cultivates a fence at least twice a week, raising the already established grass. If it is too hot to work safely in the garden, the gardener should at least try to remove the weeds of the seeds that germinate when cold temperatures and rain.

Weed is a delightful spring job, when moist soil and small grass allows gardeners to make quick work of undesirable plants. When temperatures rise and the roots of the perennial weeds are heavily fried in summer, the gardener can be betrayed in the woods.

Lexington Lawn Mowing repeatedly cultivates a fence at least twice a week, raising the already established grass. If it is too hot to work safely in the garden, the gardener should at least try to remove the weeds of the seeds that germinate when cold temperatures and rain.

Keep food

Some flowers have regular nutritional improvements to flourish until the end of time, while others are needed to solidify off and rest. Annual flowers, especially those that look like dahlias in late summer, should continue to feed until frost. This can allow perennials to excite their natural flowering season without forcing new growth by fertilizing more soft flowers. If your garden has flowers that bloom in the second flush when the weather is cools, like roses, you should do it in early August in the past feeding.

Check your credit

Even gardeners spring put a layer of organic covering layer three inches, humidity and high temperatures, to ensure the layers are damaged before finishing the outdoor season.

When there is no protective coating layer, the surface of the soil is cracked and hard coat, and roots of gardens power sensitive flowers. Lawn Maintenance Lexington SC Gardeners apply a new layer in the middle of the end of July, so that the application is still a few centimeters of plant crowns

Rational water

Summer flowers each have at least one centimeter of water per week, but up to three centimeters of water when the temperatures hover around the centuries mark. Conserve water by using heavy rain hoses and water early in the morning to have success fast dry.

Lawn Care Tips For Late Summer

Summer heat can take a toll on weeds, especially if your lawn care program is running. If you take too little to ignore water or too little, or the first signs of pest, the lawn can be fast, or even die in small or large patches.

Rational water

  • Check grass beds need at least a centimeter of water per week, and more if heat is severe. Use a rain gauge aspect to keep the amount of water received from rain and irrigation. You can use the professional services as Lawn Care Columbia SC.
  • Deep water and more often to encourage drought-tolerant nerves.
  • Water early in the day to reduce evaporation and fungal growth.
  • Or let your lawn regularly and deep water or not water. Try not to let your lawn be brown and dormant, “go back to life.” If the lawn is still sleeping in the summer, it should remain so until autumn – do not worry, the weather changes should be recovered as soon as possible.

Tips for Cutting

  • Raise the summer mower. Higher grass is drought tolerant, grows deeper roots, and helps the soil shade to prevent weeds from germinating seeds. In the summer, or as tall as the top sheet, the grass season is 3 – is counterfeit “4”, while summer lawns 2 “- 3” imitation.
  • This mulch helps keep the moisture stable. Lawn Service Columbia SC can suggest you more ways to take care of your lawn and gardens.
  • Mowing the lawn regularly to ensure that more than one third of the leaf grass cuts. This keeps your healthy herbs and grass clipping avoid puddles.
  • Keep blades sharp. Make sure your mower to brush the lawn, without tears, to minimize stress during high temperatures.


Do not fertilize

If the lawn is hot in summer, resist the urge to fertilize. In fact, it is best to leave those 30 days before fertilizing summer temperatures reach their area. Applying additional fertilizer in the summer heat can burn your lawn and create a smooth soft growth that persists in the hot summer season. Lawn Care Irmo SC will suggest you to never leave the lawn dormant manure – wait until they grow in the fall.

High traffic areas

In summer start drawing lots of turfgrass wear, especially on some popular routes. Consider installing steps to minimize damage to the grass, and try to minimize traffic to latent and crunchy grass. If you get it and the grass is actively growing in the rain, you can apply a small fertilizer in these areas to recover the blades quickly.

Weed control

Summer is the time to kill the weeds that grow before they flower and break the seeds for the next year. Some processes herbicides are designed to kill large grass flowers without disturbing the grass, but should be applied when the temperature is below 85 ° F for a few days. Note that in the summer heat, each product can be harmful to the grass and stressed. So use one by one or weeds by hand instead. Or let Lawn Maintenance Lexington SC to take care of your gardens stuff.

Insects and diseases

  • Suspended or drought may be more susceptible to insect pests such as bug insects, cutworms, ants, fleas and mosquitoes.
  • Small infections often take care of themselves, but serious problems may require attention.
  • Summer is also the time of fungal diseases such as powder and brown spots.
  • Dead ring mushrooms, if necessary, to prevent water overnight hold at least the moisture of the night.
  • Worms nest on grass in summer. If the larvae often cause lawn problems, you can start controlling the worms in the middle of the labels.

Safety Alerts For Garden Works

On top it looks like a pretty safe hobby effort. However, every year, 400,000 people injured during gardening, many of them seriously. Safety is a real concern for the garden, so be careful when gardening is used.

Lawnmowers and chainsaws

A lawnmower on the blades rotates several thousand revolutions per minute, can be a dangerous device. Even manufacturers include many security features in their designs are 84,000 people face annually in the injuries during grass lawn works.

The most important step you must take before you shave your lawn walk and touching sticks, stones and other things are having missiles when they come in contact with cutting blade. You can mow your lawn by your self but its better to hire a lawn care columbia sc professional. It can save your time and efforts too.

Use a pair of boots, such as walking or even steel boots. Many grass lawn cutters include foot, and sneakers do not provide enough protection against rotating blades. Sandals offer no protection at all. Hand injuries also occur. Even though this may seem obvious, you should not release his hand under the cover of a lawn mower until it comes out of it and the blade stops rotating.

Chainsaws can be very dangerous, so if you do not even have a little confidence in your ability to use one, you should not use it, even after having read the operating instructions from start to finish. Instead, call a professional.

Blowers and trimmers

Blowers and trimmers can cause injury, the most common eye. Wear goggles when equipment is used to protect the eyes from flying objects. It is also advisable to wear ear protection to protect the ears from the engine noise aloud.

Trimmers, in particular, can lose things with good speed, so get trash before pruning. Wear long pants to protect your legs. Lawn Service Columbia SC not only give your exceptional services but they also suggest you on the site that how to use the macines while you are on your own.

Ground fault circuit breakers

The growing popularity of gardening tools, powered by electricity, including chainsaws, has led to a new set of security concerns. If there is no malfunction, or GFCI, has, and then get one right away, which costs about $ 15 to yourself, it’s pretty easy, or electrician to install it for you.

Or, you should by the safety circuit suggest by your lawn expert as Lawn Maintenance Columbia SC. This circuit can save your life. Monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit, and if something is spilled or changes, such as a power failure, the GFCI circuit will shut down before being electrocuted. Now you can still be surprised, but the GFCI switches the circuit so fast – within 25/1000 of a second – probably not seriously injured.

Power Cables

Power cables are very similar to snakes – the more you pay, the more you get – but the power cord can be a bit confusing. Actually, that means a chain with size, which is a measure of the thickness of copper wire in the cable between 12 and 16.

Note that the lower the number, the thicker the wire, and the longer the cable, the less measure. For example, for a cable of 25 to 50 feet this is good measure wire 16, but 14 is better. 50 to 100 feet 14 gauge wire is good, but 12 is better. If you need a longer cable, as a 100-footer, consider buying two 50 feet and joining them because, like a snake, the power cord may be hurt. For more security, consider working on two wires together so that they are not separate and unreachable.

Or achieve a policy that not only got two cables, but also protects the connection of two cable exposure to humidity. Remember, do not mix water and electricity. Do not use any electrical appliances in the rain or when standing on wet grass.

You can also get tips and suggestions from your lawn services provider like lexington lawn care, lawn professionals provide services to many peoples on the daily basis and these guys know micro & macro of machines and their influences.

Head to foot protection

Gloves provide a degree of protection, especially if measured by chemicals cultivates a garden, you should use safety gloves where you are using chemicals. Even basic gardening gloves to protect hands from splinters, blisters and cuts. Protection is often overlooked, but it is as simple as an eye pair. Wear goggles when you do something in the garden that can cause bullying in the eyes, mowing to cut of firewood.

When security ears are probably higher than the eye. Conventional work remains well, but the heaviest version is more protection.

Perhaps the lungs are even longer than the eyes or ears. Routine garden activities such as working in the pit threaten the lungs. Simple masks are good for working with undesirable ingredients and many garden chemicals, but twice the cost, offering more than double protection. So you should slandered safety tools or simply hire lawn maintenance lexington sc professionals and have fun with the experienced services. The use of hazardous substances and liquids pays to use a hard mask for added protection.

Features water

Many pools, ponds and other water sources are a serious threat to children, and it is difficult to protect curious children to play. But at least you can talk to neighborhood children and their parents and warn of potential dangers arising from their pond.

Top 10 reasons to hire a professional gardener

Some may consider a gardener a luxury but for many busy homeowners an expert lawn care lexington sc is an absolute must and a wonderful benefit to their home and garden. Even a relatively small garden can take a long time to maintain, especially for those who have the necessary knowledge to take care of their gardens and well throughout the year looking healthy and beautiful.

1. Hiring a professional

Seeing a garden requires a lot of effort, even with the smaller gardens require several hours of outdoor work every week to keep them in good condition. Hiring a professional gardener gives you the responsibility and gives you more free time to focus on other things. Even if you want to do some gardening, with most of the hard work you have taken care of, you can spend more time in your garden and relax

2. To improve the appearance of your home

An intelligent garden with healthy plants, pruned trees, lawns and heavily deposited cultivated shrubs improves the appearance of your home and makes a good impression. In addition to maintaining the existing plant and designing your garden a professional gardener has the skills and creativity to help make changes and improvements in outdoor areas and landscaping in your home to make your home more attractive and desirable.

3. Swing with seasons

An extension of our rest areas in the months of spring and summer, we call attention to our lexington lawn care experts, when the time calls us to go out to enjoy them and outer space. With a great gardener who looks after your garden at any time of the year; On top of maintenance, weeds, fallen leaves and spring planting your garden will look amazing all year round and be ready when spring comes.

4. Experienced & having deep knowledge

Pruning abroad can cause irreparable damage to some trees and shrubs. With an expert to take care of your plants and trees, they will always look good and reach their full potential. It can be very frustrating for the plants you have bought fight or stop seeing in the garden. With your own private expert to trust, you will not need more experienced this problem because your skills and guidance will thrive and your plants thrive.

6. General Maintenance

Controllers, tracks, roads and pergolas all need periodic maintenance to ensure they look their best. Lawn Maintenance Lexington SC as your professional gardener will ensure that all these types of jobs are maintained, thus extending the life of the different materials and properties in remote areas.

7. Productive vegetable garden

With your own expert instead, you have a great opportunity to get use to a productive vegetable garden. Producing your own fruits, vegetables, herbs and salads are great gratifying and you can get your products faster from the sweet or straight from the ground up to get to the table.

8. Perfectly manicured lawn

A very well-done green grass, weed or bald patch, is not easily accessible. Delivering this task to a professional ensures perfection and before you realize it, you have a beautiful streaky, immaculate lawn the envy of your neighbors!

9. Security matters

The arrival of a new baby or may mean the introduction of a furry friend that changes must be made for their safety. Pools and ponds are the obvious dangers you should consider, but they may have other problems, such as poisonous plants or areas you want to include or throw away. Your lexington lawn service providers can help you cope with all these measures to ensure that the garden is safe for you to enjoy.

10. The complete garden makeover

You may decide to give your garden a complete overhaul at some point, to refresh your outdoor space and cool off. The opportunity can create your dream garden from scratch is an interesting proposal and with the input of experts from your gardener.

Lawn Care Irmo

Lawn Care Irmo is providing high quality services at affordable price from many years. It would be honor for us when you will be in the list of our customers. Lawn Care Irmo know very well that what is important to make your lawn lush and green. Choose us to maintain your landscape and you’ll become a customer for life. Lawns are very important to all of us. A well installed and properly maintained lawn provides so many benefits such as heat reduction in homes, play and relaxation areas for families, and adding beauty to our homes.


Even the best laid lawn can create problems over time. Pests and diseases can create problems for lawns, many other problems arise that are more often the result of choosing the wrong turf variety for the situation, or giving inappropriate care to the lawn. We always keep these thing in mind and provide lawn care services according to the situation. Our team strives to deliver exceptional service that will exceed our customers’ expectations. We do this by remaining reliable, honest, punctual, and professional.

Summer Lawn Care Tips

1- Turn on products weed

Effective weed control is more than spraying a product. There is a lot of important work before abandoning the rapid treatment of bottle treatment. One of the biggest mistake of homeowners is that they start mowing which the grass is so short to mow. When the grass is not cut, it is more common, making it more susceptible to weeds. The general rule for most of the work is to fix lawn mower in the 2 ½ “to 3” cutting height. Probably the best and easiest change you can make to your garden weed, is simply to increase the cutting height.

2. Complete eradication is simply impossible

There are literally thousands of types of plants that continue to compete for space and resources in the area, most of which are more competitive than the herbs Lawn Care Lexington SC use in your lawns. Complete eradication is simply impossible. The soil under the lawn contains millions and millions of seeds waiting for a chance to germinate. Your task is to prevent.

3. Know your enemy

“Weeds” is just a general term for anything that grows on a lawn, not the grass you want, ie, invasive weeds, broad leaf plants, trees and other unwanted visitors. Some of them have an annual cycle of life, while others are limitless. Some have life cycles that begin in the spring while others throw in the fall. According to the lexington lawn care the differences in landscaping is important because there are times in life when weed control products are effective against a particular herb, while other times completely useless. Effective weed control begins with proper identification followed by a thorough understanding of plant ecology and the best strategy for effective control.


4. Herbs are storytellers

Weeds thrive where they have an advantage over herbs. Many herbs thrive under different conditions and can be very useful in diagnosing the underlying problem in the lawn. For example, often called grow broad leaves of banana plant grass highly compressed, which no seasoning. If the broad-leafed banana identifies your lawn, it’s a good bet that your soil needs to be aerated. Once compaction is relieved, the grass track compete with the vast blue banana.

5. Be farmer on your lawn

Too often, owners and lawn care products at home. If you paint your house a certain color, it still is. But a green lawn is not your color or your health intact. Live and dynamic and pasture grass. They need care and attention.

If you pay attention to your lawn, consider yourself as a farmer who takes care of your crops. Farmers spend a lot of time to grow, but also to develop their land. Obviously you can not plow your lawn every year, but it can make a difference in the health of your soil aeration. Air core is the removal of the lower plug lawn, where the air and water can penetrate more easily and reduce the bulk density of the soil. All you do to encourage healthy grass is going to happen to prevent weeds. You can also professionals like lawn maintenance lexington sc, managing your major and professional needs.

6. Impact on what grows

Eliminate part of success considering what’s underneath. Are weeds growing weeds under control, or any grass grow? Planting grass seeds on the lawn is an important part of weed because it does not make your lawn, of course, more than enough to grow your lawn with what happens in nature. You may have not chosen it.

7. Professional Consultations

Weed Science is surprisingly attractive. Strategies and products for weed control will change over time, so what is the best strategy for controlling a particular herb a few years ago may not be the best way to do it now . Lawn Maintenance Columbia SC are trained to analyze the grounds of their clients, learn what’s healthy and what is not, and is recommended to provide effective solutions for green grass. A healthy lawn is not only an attractive piece; But it offers huge environmental benefits. If you want to take the guesswork out of a weed, Louisville Landscape can help you as a trained professional.